Thursday, September 30, 2010

Join Dhemz's 3rd Giveaway Contest!


I love giveaway and I am taking part to win Dhemz's 3rd Giveaway Contest! You can take part too by click on above banner to find out. Contest is held at

NOTE: Multiple comments per post is equivalent to 1 comment.

1st prize (purse + earrings + bracelet)
A blogger who gains the highest number of first comment on my 5 blogs wins.

2nd prize (4GB + wetseal cardigan)
A blogger who gains the most number of comments on my 5 blogs wins

3rd prize (betty boop hat + avon perfume)
A blogger who gains the highest number of first comment on "My Life's Perception & Inspiration" blog wins.

4th prize (Charlotte Russe tank + watch + earrings)
A blogger who gains the highest number of first comment on "The Dias Family Spot" blog wins.

5th prize (wetseal tank + watch + earrings)
A blogger who gains the highest number of first comment on "Savour D' Flavour" blog wins.

6 winners of Sunglasses
(First 3 commenters of the month on my Shopping Reviews & Great Finds & Stuff blog wins)

3 Necklace
( First 3 top commenters of the month on my "Me & My Passion" blog wins.)

Plus a bonus cash prize worth $50.00 (2 winners of $15.00 & 2 winners of $10.00)
To qualify:
1.Visit, FOLLOW, and ADD these sponsored blogs
2. Blog about the giveaway contest and place the badge on your side bard.
3. Please please please, don't forget to add your link HERE! Note: I am not responsible if you missed adding your link.
Giveaway/Contest ends on 31 Oct, 2010. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thank you Random and Hearts content of Mama

I love contest and I am happy to say I won a prize last month, my first nail polish Paul& Joe from Singapore.

Today I received an email that I won a Special Prize, I am very happy that I check the blog too. Thank you Hearts content of Mama for wonderful contest! You can find out who won the special prize here.

If you like to take part in contest, give a try who knows you might be lucky winner. Here's a contest ends on 10 Oct, 2010. You can still take part, don't forget to mention you are referral by Sherry. 

there are just few steps to do to qualify:
1. Blog about the contest and place my contest badge on your sidebar
2. Subscribe to Simple Pero Rock’s Feeds and Earn Money Online with Red’s feeds
3. Blog about your most memorable journey as a blogger.
4. Submit your entries here.
You may click the badge below for more details:

Monday, September 20, 2010

Secret Garden: Medirerreanean shampoo

I have finished using this shampoo, so far I love it and soon I open another Secret Garden shampoo that I purchase. I remember purchase this shampoo comes with freebie of a comb with mirror. Secret Garden Mediterreanean shampoo is my favourite and I have other shampoo that I am using.

Find out other shampoo that I am using in this post. I finished some other shampoo in the picture you saw but no time to review them.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


My acne is getting more now and I know that I awake for long time. So much things to do and need to catch up too. I need discussion with loved one but seems he not listening. I mean he is trying to avoid me, you can never avoid me forever.

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