Monday, November 23, 2015

Glass House Seputeh, KL

I got lost a few times using waze as it direct me to other places. Glad that I finally reached Glass House at Seputeh else I would rather go back because I got rounding and going places that I no idea where I was in KL.

The Glass House Seputeh is under renovation on the side of the building. First the Rela officers ask me to park far a bit away that is near the restaurant then I walked to the Glass House. I saw some cars going in for parking. Then I asked the Rela and they told me to drive back in Glass House for parking.

I didn't know the parking is at hill slope. If I know I wouldn't go at all to park there, I rather park far away and walk to Glass House. The hill slope is slippery and lucky there is no rain.

I am glad the young man helped me to drive back down my car. Else I don't know how to reverse the car to get down the hill to exit gate. If I reverse my car too much I might scare my car fell backwards of it. Scary moment indeed!

The parking I parked at the level 1 hill slope instead of the level 2 hill sloped that is much higher and more steep! I saw a four wheels car drove up to the level 2 hill sloped.

Don't ask me why the organiser picked this place for event. Now I know how its like being there.

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