Thursday, May 23, 2013

Acne isn't pretty!

I am glad to say son's exam are over but acne on my face just strike! Bad acnes making my ain't pretty and feel pain. Hmm.. must drink lots of water.

Big pain acne is painful and scary!

Anyway it is Wesak day, I went out a while and I am back. :D

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Taking nap after school

Now son is having his nap, he didn't sleep early yesterday night as follow me and dear to go for car wash. No kidding the car wash takes a long time because not many staff at the petrol station. Anyway we just wait patiently, when we got home already 12 midnight.

Son didn't nap in the afternoon so today he needs to nap, I hope he rest well now because later he needs to do homework. It is nice to chat with parents outside of school before fetch children back home. I bumped into Z she's with her teenage daughter, they went shopping for mechanical pencils. :D

It is nice to see both of them, I was in mamak stall eating roti telur with son! Today he drinks sirap, I have teh tarik less sweet!

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