Monday, November 23, 2015

Glass House Seputeh, KL

I got lost a few times using waze as it direct me to other places. Glad that I finally reached Glass House at Seputeh else I would rather go back because I got rounding and going places that I no idea where I was in KL.

The Glass House Seputeh is under renovation on the side of the building. First the Rela officers ask me to park far a bit away that is near the restaurant then I walked to the Glass House. I saw some cars going in for parking. Then I asked the Rela and they told me to drive back in Glass House for parking.

I didn't know the parking is at hill slope. If I know I wouldn't go at all to park there, I rather park far away and walk to Glass House. The hill slope is slippery and lucky there is no rain.

I am glad the young man helped me to drive back down my car. Else I don't know how to reverse the car to get down the hill to exit gate. If I reverse my car too much I might scare my car fell backwards of it. Scary moment indeed!

The parking I parked at the level 1 hill slope instead of the level 2 hill sloped that is much higher and more steep! I saw a four wheels car drove up to the level 2 hill sloped.

Don't ask me why the organiser picked this place for event. Now I know how its like being there.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pros and Cons, which would you consider?

I believe everything has pros and cons. So which and how would you consider it? Would you paper it down to find out?

Let's set an example.

Sunway Lagoon tickets which are expensive to purchase, we seldom to have chance to go together as family to play.

If there is chance to win contest Sunway Lagoon tickets. I will take part and try my best.

Never know if I can win or not but I know it is best to try it. The contest was up late, so the date clash with everything that I have planned.

Due to family first, I decided to do what I believe is best.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Mother and Son challenge on Jump Smash 15

It's a good and fun experience for mother and son, we took part in jump smash 15, the e tournament in Sunway Pyramid. It is held in orange concorse and unexpected that we didn't know that we gonna stay that long yes very long time in Sunway Pyramid. My family nobody bring any power bank charger for our mobile phones. So my dear and my phone runs dead, out of battery.

My dear took my son's phone for a while and tried whatapp me but fail as my phone is dead without any battery so he's not able to reach me at all. Lucky he knows that son and I hang out at the same place all day long.

It was 10.40am through out 6.3pm yeah nonstop because we join the final round of e tournament and it's so fun that I need to blog about it at So stay tune there to find out soon. My phone using DIGI so it's run out of data? I received SMS 100% usage on 1G. :(

Monday, July 27, 2015

Limited slot for 破风To The Fore Movie Premier

Limited slot for 破风To The Fore Movie Premier
Date: 04 August 2015
Time: 8pm/9pm TBC
Venue: Pavillion GSC
*One Slot per blogger
Register here:

Click on the link to register now.

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