Monday, August 10, 2009

My first spa experience Jati Spa@Novotel Hotel Kuala Lumpur

I am feeling exhausted and I decided to go for the Spa. The chosen hotel will be Novotel Kuala Lumpur which is opposite the Cosway building. I was late for the appointment which I set at 11 in the morning.

There was a guest waiting there and I am the second guest. The girl named Sam is helpful and she called up another girl Jes to help her out. Sam is the one attending to me and she is so good in service that I decided to send something nice. I do not have change for the tips, that is why I send a small parcel. I hope she gets it soon, I know she did a good job!

Sam is from Indonesia and she can speaks English but not good with it. She kept asking where I am from. It is my first spa experience and I like it although the price is kind of expensive for me. RM391 for 90 min of Reshape!

The Reshape true to its name, their own interpretation of body sculpting comes with a combination of Green Coffee Wrap to breakdown fat deposits and reduce water retention followed by signature Massage to improve lympatic drainage and blood circulation.

Yeah first I got the Foot Bath, follow by Green Coffee concerntrate, Green Coffee Body Wrap for 20 minutes. Oh, I am sweating there with hot blanket wrap around me. Then I waited a minute to take shower in the room. Yeah there is shower for you to take in the room. I have a glass of water before going into shower. Then I was massage with Smooth& Body Tone Svelt Cream followed by their signature massage with Lavender Eye Pillow Treatment on! The Lavender Eye Pillow is cold and I love it!

Thumbs up to their service.

Will I go again? Yes when I earn enough money!

Note: There is no need to bring panty or bra because they provide you the bathrobe, slippers, towels, disposable briefs.


  1. This sounds great. I can't wait for my first spa experience. I'll try to come back to your blog and let ya know how it went!

  2. good to know, so tell me when you get back from spa.


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