Thursday, September 20, 2012

Moon Couture Skirt giveaway

 I love fashion and just look at the beautiful Moon Couture Skirt giveaway, yes you stand the chance to win these beautiful skirt! There will be Free Moon Counture Skirt & RM100 cash for 3 to 5 lucky participants!

The Flare Lycra Maxi Skirt so pretty just imagine how you can pair them together, everyone has got their own styles! I love being a woman because we get to wear mix and match these beautiful maxi skirt! These Flare Lycra Maxi Skirt looks good with any shoes, you can wear heels, boots, or sandals of your choice! It is depend on your how to wear it, be a fashionita by shopping at Moon Couture!
 I am sure you like to know where to purchase these beautiful skirts, they are at and their Facebook ( .

Don't just read here just look at the picture above, how these beautiful women mix and match with their favourite wardrobe!   The giveaway ends on 30 Sept, 2012, winners will be announced on 6 Oct, 2012.   Hurry up click above link to take part now! I hope to be one of the winners. :D        

Monday, September 10, 2012

MBB 2nd giveaway

This giveaway ends on 10 Oct, 2012. You may click above banner to take part the giveaway just click banner.

Yesterday morning terrible day, having mini flood at home because no water at night and son forgot close tap water. The water must have come morning and when my sister-in-law came down water all over the place.

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