Sunday, July 28, 2013

The True Story of The Conjuring 2013

I am excited because tonight I am watching this movie with my dear. Yeah I am big fan of horror movie. How about you? Not for my dear but I want to thank him in advance for bringing me to watch tonight.

I supposed to watch this movie with Joyce last week but at the same night I won to watch The Wolverine. Knowing the Wolverine is one of my boys and my favourite movie, with movie passes I won I can bring my boys watch together. Indeed we enjoy the movie from start to the end.

The Conjuring, I haven't watch but I could tell it must be breath taking to watch it!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Giveaway 10K Followers

Giveaway 10K Followers bermula pada hari ini, 7 Julai 2013, iaitu tepat jam 5.45 petang sehingga 11.59 malam 21 Julai 2013. Semua dijemput join.

Syarat-syaratnya :
  1. Terbuka kepada semua blogger yang bermastautin di Malaysia sahaja
  2. Follow blog, Add Google+ Mia Liana dan Like Fanpage
  3. Wajib Follow blog, Like Fanpage dan Add Google+ semua sponsor (rujuk senarai sponsor)
  4. Buat entri bertajuk Giveaway 10K Followers
  5. Copy coding yang telah disediakan dan paste kan ke dalam ruangan HTML dan Publish entri.
  6. Tinggalkan URL entri anda ke dalam ruangan komen INI
Senarai sponsor :
Kerinchi | MyKeledek | Fanpage
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Senarai hadiah yang ditaja bernilai RM 1,474 :
1 x Jus Delima Pompure bernilai RM 150
1 x Glutaking bernilai RM 150
1 x Tropica Bioherb Shampoo Herba bernilai RM 35
1 x Kain pasang Satin Cotton Vietnam bernilai RM 65
1 x BB Plus Collagen bernilai RM 180
3 x tudung DeZahra bernilai RM 75 serta Brooch bernilai RM 6
1 x Teddy Bear bernilai RM 100
2 x Bantal Love bernilai RM 35
1 x Wang Tunai RM 50
1 x Novel Cintaku Luruh di Oxford bernilai RM 34
1 x Novel Dia Yang Aku Pilih bernilai RM 22
1 x Farcheese Powder bernilai RM 25
3 x Doodle bernilai RM 10
2 x Multifunctional Buff (Seamless Magic Scarf) bernilai RM 15
9 x Topup bernilai RM 10
4 x hadiah misteri bernilai RM50.00

jom support Mia Liana ya... join Giveaway ini dengan klik banner di atas...

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sharing experience on London Weight Management

Recently i wrote a review on London Weight Management. Yeah just to give new customer an idea what it is like having three hours of slimming treatment.

Whether it really takes three hours of slimming, you have to read to find out.

Some people afraid of sales trap, frankly speaking if you enter salon, spa, facial, slimming centre. They will be asking you to sign up, you have every right to say no. Just because of nagging you give up yourself?

Anyway, i am glad i have tried LWM, now I know its like for the treatments.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Interest in blogging make no income

I love blogging, yeah despite not getting paid for doing what I love. I am keeping my blogs, so I know I need to deal with them like paying the yearly domain fee/hosting!

I just keep doing what I love and what I like during my free time. Like now my son is sleeping I have time to update this blog.


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