Thursday, August 30, 2012

Intestine bleeding can be serious

My dear admitted to hospital yesterday evening due to insetting bleeding. He first experience purging of blood on Tuesday night twice then second day not much, third day it comes alot in the morning. He worry and went to see panel doctor then the doctor ask him see specialist at hospital. He saw two doctors, the last doctor checked on him by insert the tube from his backside and up to his intestine he can feels it is inside stomach. They are two holes not far from each the doctor clips both the holes.

He was given medicine to eat, according my dear his purging of blood is fresh you can smell blood. The doctor scolded him saying why so late only see him.

Thank God, he is alright and can be discharge today.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Contest:Step Up Revolution Merchandise

This is my entry on my ideal flash mob, above picture is me in vampire makeup. :D
A group of people in makeup of zoombies. A group of zoombies mostly do not know each other walking in the busy street, some zoombies having the speaker in hand turn on the loud music, time to dance and move around in zoombies way. Then zoombies also dancing in robotic way. It is going to be emotional madness with zoombes screaming and roaring in the street. The mob consiting of more than 100 zoombies listen to the loud music of "YMCA" and "Para Para Sakura sang by Aaron Kwok" dancing and making the moves.

You can click here to view the video of Para Para Sakura.

Last but not least the ending of my ideal flash mob will be ending like Happy Feet. I am sure it would be difficult to be well balanced on feet. :D

Except first pictures, the rest is from Google images.

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