Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oh am I mad?

You have no idea how mad I am, this is about money and health. First of all I have order some skin care products from the person because it is my friend birthday and I want to get it for her. So we were sms each another about the orders. Then suddenly the person send an sms about kidney stones which related to the water filter.

Saying that if you are not using the water filter which they recommend you health will be at risk! This has gone too far I mean you should never get involve in another person life. First of all you have no idea if the person has got the money or afford to buy or not.

The damn water filter cost over MYR$3000 it is not MYR$300! FYI I am using a MRY$270 so far so good.

The reason this person is so care about health because once you buy the person get the sales target and nearer to their dream. They are able to go for free holiday trip! Last year they went to Japan and Canada, this year they are going to Las Vegas! Next year they will be going to Dubai!

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