Friday, January 29, 2010

113 Tidbits - Social Feeds and Daring Commentary

I love blogging and contest so much when there is time to relax I will check out some websites. I like to read about current events today as I know newspaper not showing everything. I would visit to 113 Tidbits - Social Feeds and Daring Commentary, this site is user friendly and easy to browse. The author make full use of the site of three columns template.

There is one thing in common of the author and me we are happy with the earning of Adgitize 2009. You can click the link to see the author earning. I am sure you like to get traffic to your blogs, with Adgitize now only you can get traffic but you get rebate as well.

Do you use Google Adsense? Some of my blogs are using them but I don't see much earning. Here's an article to read on why don't go for Google Adsense. The tips are useful so you know how much you need to do to make the earning.

I like to read about the current events and daring commentary by the author on this site. The tags and categories you can find under each post. You can just click on them to read the tags or categories for the posts that interest you.

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