Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Personalized tee!

I love shopping and I just purchase the pursonalized tee for myself. :) I hope that they turn out the way I like it.

Anyway I need to wait three days for it to arrive at my door step.

I saw the email with the designed I love it, I hope they come up with bags to personalized I sure love to purchase them!


  1. hi! i miss you too! ahahha i missed blogging for almost 3 months! how are you? did you join pehpots contest? how come genebei is winning? ahhahaha what happened to your talent in commenting, reviews etc? ahahha =))

  2. i guess you should use you charm for mor ereferrals ahahha =) so how are you? =) did you get lots of winnings last year?


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