Friday, July 9, 2010

DoubleNOR's Creative, my interest :D

I am using blog here to write my order instead of email as there is something wrong with the draft which I save but then missing. :(

I love sling bag because I can crossed it at my shoulder to wear, it is part of security reason too. :D 

1st sling I like below style, I am choose the fabric HC54 like Black LV.

Will be very nice if the above design with the below big ribbon at bottom. :D

I minta reben besar diletakkan di tepi beg, but prefer button is RED colour.

2nd sling bag, I choose below style using strawberry fabrics. HC 49, because I cannot go Cameron Highlands and I dream to have this bag. Going to be 31 this Nov, not too old to wear it right? LOL

Beg Simpulan Kasih warna maroon adalah salah satu projek yang saya hasilkan.Beg ini bersaiz 17"x 12 1/2" x4". Seperti biasa dijahitkan span dibelakang facing.Ada 3 poket di dalam.

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