Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August giveaway

I am planning on a giveaway this month you need to stay tune to find out. Still so much to write about this giveaway like explains what is available for one lucky winner.

  1. Eyeko post card
  2. inuovi eyebrow cake
  3. Avon glimmersticks lip liner pink boutiquet
  4. Avon glimmersticks eye liner blackest black
  5. Butterflies necklace
  6. Cute frame cell phone charm
  7. Orange rose leggings
  8. Strawberry full fibre candy
The giveaway not happening on this blog as I am thinking which blog to put up this giveaway. Looks like this giveaway going to postpone.

Who luv cosmetics


Shopping... plus more

Love and Thoughts 

Another Contest

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