Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jan 2011

My son is ill and admitted to hospital this afternoon after visit doctor at the clinic’s hospital. Now my dear is spending the night with him. I was there the whole day and I am tired, this morning he cried so many times as refuse to go teacher. At 10.45 the uncle from Kindergarten called to inform that he has been vomiting three times. Then at 11 am I pick him up then come back to get my dad. We went to SS15 so he could see the doctor there. The doctor does not know he has sort throat.
We then go to Secret Recipe as my son wanted to eat cake but he wasn’t feeling well. He has drink some strawberry milk and then he vomited there the restaurant staff just let it be no come to mop the floor at all. He has complaining about his stomach pain he has nothing to eat since morning at kindergarten he has not been giving any drink or food. It is terrible now the doctor told me that he has to stay over at hospital at least two nights.
It is my first night to spend alone at home with my dad as my dear and son spend the night at hospital. It is heart breaking knowing loved one is sick lying in the hospital. I hope he gets better tomorrow because he has been purging and vomiting all day.

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