Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Waiting for Legoland passes

I am excited to see my names on the list, I have taken part in online contest and excited to see I am among the winners. Yeah I am happy but sad on the other hand because I only won two passes. I have got three adults and two children, so you know I need to pay more. Anyway not yet plan of accommodation and flight there.

My baby is cranky, he cannot takes long hour drives from Selangor. Even just for an hour and half trip he would scream madly. My friend told me the journey to JB is 4 hours by driving. My dear don't know go at all so it is all based on the signboard on the road.

Just a thought we would go during school holiday but it is not really going as plan because I haven't receive the passes!

Off topic, tomorrow I am going movie with dear yeah he has got premier screening passes to watch SkyFall. He gave me to grab hold the passes and I am going to see movie with him! Yay!

Last week I have an awesome week because I went for three movies! The movies are Paranormal Activity 4, Sinister, Frankenweenie 3D. Okay Sinister I seen it two weeks ago, its another horror movie that I cannot remember the name hall. Its a girl goes to hell to safe his father!

If you like to watch horror movie, I suggest you to see Sinister! It is among the best horror movie I have seen so far.

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