Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Divorce with a son

Yesterday I get to know a lady, it is sad to know that she is divorce because her hubby has cheated on her. She says the woman is not pretty but he loves her more, she has a child with him. I am glad she has her mom to help her out to take care of her son. Her son is studying in Ipoh, he's 7 yr old.

The lady is 33 years old but didn't look like that, she's pretty and friendly. She says she needs to work as marketing and sales because that's her job that she loves. I am happy to know that she's doing well in her job so she can gives her mom $600 and extra money then she will gives her mom more.

I can say she's taking good care of herself, she looks good and she is slim! You couldn't tell she has a child, until she says it.

Being stay at home mom myself, I am not working and I couldn't buy things that I like. I need to consider alot before I shop. I have two children and dear is alone working to earn money. He's not running own business, he's just an employee at the company.

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