Monday, August 26, 2013

Movie review: KL Zombi

My dear and I saw this movie last week, it is sad to say there's no saying how the poodle is a zombie. The poodle a type of dog breed, bite a man's hand and then the man kisses another girl in the car. Later they started to change zombie and bite everyone.

There is Broway cream in the movie which is a cure for zombie, the people ate the cream and they change back to human. Hmm.. there's an ice cream man, bitten by the children in schools and he has lost an arm, there's no showing that there is cure on him.

Would it be a worst movie we have seen? My dear none stop saying this is ridiculous movie, there is no saying how a poodle can be a zombie dog, no makeup on the dog too.

Many scenes in the movie doesn't make sense.

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