Friday, November 22, 2013

Three year old toddler

I check the kindergarten at Eden and it costly for me so I decided not to let son go for now. My son next year three year old.

I am stay at home mom, with no income. Dear is working alone to support the family.

The class starts 8.30-12.30

montly fee RM450
registration fee RM100
supplementary fee RM700 half yearly
Insurance RM20
uniform 2 set RM70
t-shirt a piece RM35

No kidding the price hike so much, last time uniform 2 set RM60. My eldest went this kindergarten a monthly fee RM260 then now you can see RM450.

The fee was RM280 monthly then it hike adding RM80 saying of computer fee. I know because my friend's daughter was there study too.

Well, who said money is not important?

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