Thursday, December 26, 2013

Fun in Sunway Pyramid

It was two weeks ago, photos taken using my Samsung S3. Look at my angel above, yeah he has good fun the day though there's no walk or parade to see because of bad weather.

Lots of balloons in the train, good to know that my friend's daughter win 2nd prize in the contest. My son and I didn't stay long as we are tired. We was in the mall since noon, we waited to 4.30pm but still no sign whether the show will go on or not. We decided to make a move, not just us others too are impatient. Kids are tired and hungry, so we head home.

The shirt my son's wearing he loves it so much, he likes Hulk!

I bought the army pants for him, they fit perfectly! He's no longer suitable to wear children clothing, not all size suitable for him. Just look at him, next Thursday school starts. He'll be standard two in primary school, challenge begins for us!

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